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Swarovski is a famous Austrian company, which is specializing in the production of rhinestones, crystal figurines, jewelry, loose crystals and cut natural and synthetic gemstones. Also this company produces optical equipment and ready lamps and chandeliers.

Swarovski rhinestones are considered to be the best artificial crystals in the world. These crystals are made so that they reflect the light. Swarovski has the largest assortment of dimensions, types of crystals, colours, coatings and effects. They can be of various shapes (round, square, diamond, triangle, drops, etc.)

Buying Swarovski, you pay for the rhinestone with the best cut available today, for the best and durable coating belt, for the strongest glue for a wide range of adhesive and sew-on rhinestones, available today.
Currently, there is a fashion trend to incrust various items, clothes, nails, hair and even cars with rhinestones of Swarovski. Also they are extensively used like decorative elements of costumes and leotards in ballroom dancing, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. This makes the costumes more vivid and memorable.

Decorating Leotards and Competition Costumes with Swarovski Crystals


To decorate costumes for rhythmic gymnastics and ballroom dancing use Swarovski crystals cold fixation 2058/2088. As an additional decoration popular sew-on crystals are also used.

There are some recommendations, which help you to stick rhinestones correctly.

1. Selection of crystals color. In order to choose the right color impose a rhinestone on the material. It has to be bright and stands out on the fabric.

2. Size. The combination of different sizes gives the maximum effect. For leotards of small size, it is recommended to use crystals ss16, and for large - ss20. If you want to accent any part on the leo (flower, ornament, etc.), use the ss30 size.

3. Placement of the rhinestone on your costume.

- If the ornament is symmetrical, it would be better to place the rhinestones symmetrically relatively to the center.

- If your dress or leotard has any central element, emphasize it using a larger number of crystals or one big sew-on rhinestone.

- To make leotard more interesting use a combination of colored crystals with crystals which have AB effect. They create iridescent reflections depending on the angle of light’s incidence.

- Costume’s net may be decorated with rhinestones AB size ss12, ss16, ss20 and ss30. Rhinestones are placed in a random or chequerwise.

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