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Hi,do you send shoes and leotards for Serbia we are not Serbia and Montenegro just Serbia thanks

Hi Diana

Yes we can send the toe-shoes to Serbia. It would cost around 20-25 USD.

Do you only make the leotards which you display in your gallery, or do you also make up designs people send to you?

Hi Becky

Yes we do leotards from pictures, photos, sketches, drawings:)


Will be waiting for your order

How to load picture

Hi Iman

Go to /leotards/Designleotards Click LOAD YOUR PHOTO:)

Will be waiting for your order

I have alot of question.I ordered two dresses which is Charoit and Hyacinth.When are we going to get our leotards,how much does both of the leotards cost,Do you ship to Malaysia,I live in Ampang Tiara Duta apartment,B-3-5*block b level 3,Apartment number 5.I hope you know where Ampang is,I hope the leotards fit both of us,I hope it's the right size that we measure.Im really worried about that leotards coming late because my next challenge is on August.The reason why Im worried because this month is July and August is coming.Can you make it before August?
Hey there, we haven't yet checked your order, because our team was on Rhythmic Gymnastics competition on Universiade in Kazan.
However, for two leoatrds we'll arrange free express shipping, and it will fits the timeline. I'll check out your order asap and will let you know whether the measurements are fine.
Tony Silva 
International manager
+7 (3412) 912-613
Hello do you ship leotards to the uk?

Hi Courtney

Yes we do ship to UK, moreover now we have a contract with DHL, so you may have an express shipping for lower cost:)

Hi, Do you sell wrist support bands? The ones I could use for trapeze classes to prevent blisters. Couldn't find on the website. Thanks.

Hi Kseniya

We didn't sell em, because we're mainly aimed at leotards selling and RG stuff. Might be somwhere in future

Hi, just wondering how much is the delivery to UK? many thanks in advance. Rgrds Julia

Hi Julia

With leotards shipping goes free, to any part of the world. If you want to add a lot of other stuff to your order shipping price may increase on 10 or 20 USD.

Hello, Can you give me a price in euro how much a leotard will cost in general? Can I say I have a maximum of 160 euro? Or do you have a minimum you start with? Thank you in advance! Bye,

Hi Kitty

we may suggest you to adjust some simple designs to your measurements, that's the way we can match your budget:)

Do you have the leotard melani or Amanda in another color?

Hi Angie

We can do both Melani and Amanda in different colours:)

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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