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Custom Tailoring FAQ

How to order clothes according to your individual measurements?

You may Log in and indicate your own measurements in Your profile. After that all the leotards will automatically show you the price depending on your own size (including the basic price, of course). Here’s our advice on How to take measurements.

My son does acrobatic gymnastics and is in a men's pair. Do you make this type of competition leotard and longs? If so can you provide me with a design type and cost. Thank you

We can do competition leotard and longs for acrobatic gymnastics, bu we don't have ready designs for that, usually we do it by sketches and photos which ar provided by our customers.

Do you make coordinating men's leotards and pants for an acro mixed pair?

HI Anne

Yes we can do a leotards and pants for an acro mixed pairs, we even have an examples:)

Hello, how much would it cost for a skirted leotard without any crystals? Thank you!

Hi Naomi

It really depends on type of the leotard. We have Simple ones, 50/50 ones and complex. You may also pick up some designs of ours and we may adjust them to the lower cost

How long does it take to make up the complex leotard?

Hi Loretta

It depends on the season, most of the times. But ysually we make leotards within 2 weeks. Sometimes faster:)

Do you only make the leotards which you display in your gallery, or do you also make up designs people send to you?

Hi Becky

Yes we do leotards from pictures, photos, sketches, drawings:)


Will be waiting for your order

Hi, Do you sell wrist support bands? The ones I could use for trapeze classes to prevent blisters. Couldn't find on the website. Thanks.

Hi Kseniya

We didn't sell em, because we're mainly aimed at leotards selling and RG stuff. Might be somwhere in future

Hello, I wonder if with images and ideas you could do sketches in my budget?

Hi Marion

Yes we can try to make some sketches to meet your budget;) please drop your ideas on or

I have two questions? Can you make the custom leotard that is on the website on the section upload photos. It is white and has a pink flower and can how much do you think it will be? and how long will it take to make the leo?

Hi Cheyenne

In fact we don't have original photo of this girl, so it would be really hard to make a full size leotard from such a small picture. Our bad:(

We can make another rhythmic gymnastics leotard from your design, if you wish!

Regular production time of the rhythmic gymnastics leotards is two weeks, this time does not include delivery time

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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