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Sketch and Design FAQ

Is it possible to order a leotard without crystals?

You may choose a leotard with any quantity of crystals and painting you like; or a leotard without crystals at all. Please, contact us, indicated above to specify the cost of your variant,. You may also buy the crystals in our web-store and paste them on your own.

On the Gloria leo, can the neck be black instead of white?

Dear Stacy, thank you for your answer.

It won't be a problem for us to make it black for you))

Kind regards.

My daughter is interested in Miranda. However, is it possible to make it sleeveless? Would the base price be still the same as shown?

Hello Florence, of course we can do it sleeveles if you want. The base price changes according to the sizes that you put into sizing chart. Sewing without sleeves may reduce the price. Also don't forget that crystals are not included in basic price.

Hi Ekaterina: We are interested in ordering 3 stone flower leotards for an acro gymanstic trio. I am wondering what the shipping cost will be for 3 leotards to the US (Louisiana). Can we pay with 3 different credit cards and have them shipped together? Also, can you still deliver it 2-3 weeks from ordering if we get 1000 stones. Third question, how long is skirt usually from waist. Our biggest concern is that it will not go back down when they do upside down skills. do the skirts go back down with weight of crystals? Thank you!

Hi Jolynn, about the skirts, we did several leotards for British acro team of Richmond Gymnastics Association you can see how the skirt behave in the videos below

We can make it skirtless, or connect the skirt on front and back with undies, so only sides would go up,or we can make the skirt shorter, it all depends on your taste, and your opinion.

I think that the better way to pay would be a PayPal account, but, of course, you can pay by credit cards and we ship it all together.

I cannot say for sure about the date of delivery, because you might want lots of changes for the original design, so we would be working this way :

we'll make the base of the leotard by your measurements and  I'll make a photo of it for you to say whether it's "OK" or " Awesome" and only then we'll proceed to painting and crystal work.

Usually making of 3 leotards takes up to 2 weeks, and express shipping would take from 3 to 6-7 days (depending on shipping company).

How to load picture

Hi Iman

Go to /leotards/Designleotards Click LOAD YOUR PHOTO:)

Will be waiting for your order

Do you have the leotard melani or Amanda in another color?

Hi Angie

We can do both Melani and Amanda in different colours:)

Hello, My daughter is very interested in the rhythmic gymnastics leotard "Amira". Can you get this leotard in any other colour? Gunilla, Sweden

Hi Gunilla,

We can do the "Amira" leotard in any colour combination you want it to be:)

Hi, i was wondering if we could change the colours of the leotard 'Anastasia' when we order it? Thanks, Kateryna

Hi Kateryna

Yes you may change the colours of rhythmic gymnastics leotard "Anastasia" if you want to, and it won't cost you a penny. But if you want any additional painting or sewing you should definately contact our manager Tony at or

Hello, We are interested in the "Jessica" leotard, is it possible to get it in fuschia rather than yellow?

Hi Roxanne

Yes we can make a rhythmic gymnastics leotard Jessica in fuchsia for you:) 

For any additional info please drop a message at


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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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