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Sizes and Measurements FAQ

hi, may i know if you ship to singapore? if so, what the shipping charges will be? i would like to buy half shoe, may i know how to measure the size and what's the currency of the pirce? thanks, Geralyn

Hi Geralyn


Yes we do ship to Singapore, for you the cheapest way would be to join our singaporean diller Sarah Chew from lil-gym in her future orders. It would be really fast and cheap.

Currency is USD. Half shoes are measured as S, SM, M , ML, L, XL but not all of the companies have ML or SM sizes

How do you figure out what size you are for the Gracia toe-slippers?

Dear Kat,

Size 0 - 3-4 years old, size 30-32

       S - 5-6 years old, size 33-34

       M - 7-12 years old, size 35-36

       L - size 37-38

       XL - size 39-40

How do I determine the size of warm-up booties? Thank you, Lena

 Dear lena, please, take the measurements of your feet (from the heel to the big toe) and send them at

Hi! I'm just wandering how to measure the length of the skirt properly as I ordered a leotard from another site a while ago and it said to tie a rope around the waist, put two fingers under the rope and then measure from there. Is that the same way we do it for your leotards? Or do we need to measure from the exact waist? (I tried to click on the 'how to measure' page but nothing came up) thank you!

Dear Bunty,

Thank you for your query! In order to measure skirt length you need to tie a rope arond the waist and measure from the EXACT waist down till desired length. Please follow the link to our How to Take Measurements tutorial with the detailed description, photos and video: /tips/how-to-take-measurements-for-women

Thank you!

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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