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Price and Discounts FAQ

Are there any discounts or privileges?

Gymnastics-Fantastic offer discounts on shared order. Shared Order is the purchase of minimum 10 items. In this particular case you may have a discount of 10%.

are these prices in american money?

Dear Kathy, yes all the prices are indicated in US dollars. But you may change the currency to Euro at the right upper corner

Hello, Can you give me a price in euro how much a leotard will cost in general? Can I say I have a maximum of 160 euro? Or do you have a minimum you start with? Thank you in advance! Bye,

Hi Kitty

we may suggest you to adjust some simple designs to your measurements, that's the way we can match your budget:)

Do you ship to Canada? What currency do you base your prices on? US dollar or the Euro? How expensive approx would it be to ship and how soon would we recieve the suit?

Hi Cheryl

Yes we do ship to Canada. You can pay for your rhythmic gymnastics leotard both in Euro or USD, whatever you prefer.  If you order simple or complex rhythmic gymnastics leotard of ours shipping to you would be free via DHL company. They're safe and quite fast ( regular shipping time is 4-5 days to Canada). Average production time of the rhythmic gymnastics leotard is 2 weeks (from the moment we talk over all the measurements and your wishes).

For any additional information please contact our manager Tony at: or

Do you give discounts for Gymnastic School Owners. I own NOLA Gymnastics and we have an acrobatic team that need leos with skirts this year and and each year following

Dear Gretchen,

yes we do make discounts, let's begin with 10% discount as we do for the group orders, if you will be satisfied with quality and everything else, you may become out wholesale customer, which gets a 20% discount on whole products list:)
we would be glad to work with your club:)
What is your discount if you buy more than 10 different body suites? Do you ship to Canada? How much for shipping cost?

The price is in USD, but we can convert it into CND, 

Our group discount is 10%
Yes we do ship to canada, for 10 leotards the shipping will cost around 85-90 USD via DHL (delivery time is 4-6 days), however, the delivery price could be lower, it depends on weight.
Can you tell me the approximate cost of shiping 1 leo (~70$) to California, USA? Also, for shipping 9 leos to the same place? Thank you!

Dear Katie,

1 leo via DHL 65-70 USD.
9 leos around 140 USD.
It all depends on design and quantity of crystals which both affects the total weight
For milanda, does the price include crystal? If we order this month, when can we receive?

Dear Sola,

No, the price doesn't include crystals, each 1000 crystals = 175 USD.
If you order this month probably you will receive it  beginning-mid November
how much will it cost to make a complex leotard for age 14/15 and how long will it take to recieve the leotard?

Dear Kate,

The price of the leotard depends on the size and the amount of crystals. Please send us your measurements and we will tell you the final price for the leotard. Our address is The production of leotard is 2 weeks and delivery about 4-6 days. We hope this information will be helpful for you. We will be glad to take your order!

The 20% off leotards - is that listed price or take another 20% off? My daughter is 119cm tall. Chest 57cm; hips 54cm; waist 56cm. What size do you recommend?

Hello Linda,

Thank you for your question. The discount is valid on the in-stock leotards. The prices on the web site are indicated with the discount.  According to the measurements which you have gave us, we would recommend you the size 32. We hope this information is helpful for you. We will be very glad to take your order!

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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