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Order of Goods FAQ

How to order?

You can order the goods following the tips of the Cart. You may also just write an e-mail to, call +7 (3412) 912-613, use on-line consultant or Ask Your Question service.

How long does it take to make order? What does the dispatch speed depend on?

The order is usually made during 2 weeks. Read about the details here.

We are interest in one of your leotard. How long do they take to make?? Can we add more than Swarosky 1000 Crystals?? Do you have something not shown for a 12yr old girl?? Thanks

Hi There,

We have new collection upcoming, probably that would be available on april 19th.

Usually it takes 2 weeks to make a leotard.

And of course you can choose any quantity of crystals you want. Once we put 4000 crystals on a leotard.

Please feel free to contact with me anytime.

Hello. How many stone do you recommend on a leotard. I am a gymnast in Denmark, and I am looking at the leotard "Mary" or "Jennifer". How many sone is the best on these? Best Regards Christina.

The quantity of stones depends on taste, and on measurements, so if you're 16 year old, our suggestion would be at least 1000 stones.

Dear Ekaterina, good day! We are in Chile and would like to buy you some leotards; in fact they do have a tournee on the 8th and 9th of june, do you think you can still send some which is on store? They are 11 and 13 years old. Let me know what you have on store so that they can choose some. Kind regards, Ale

Hello, Alejandra

We have 4-5 leotards which are in store (they're sewed, but not painted, it'll take day or two) I need to know their measurements to suggest more appropriate one.

Measurements that we need:

Bust, neck, waist, hips, sleeve length, leotard length.

you can check them out on our website.

For your 11 year old daughter we can suggest /catalog/view/WinterMorningGymnasticsLeotard


we have two more in fact. but I do not have photo of them at the moment, will make it for you within an hour.

So I need measurements to suggest you something

I am trying to call the store at 40 Exchange Place, New York City, but the telephone number 212-932-2061 is not in service. Is this store still open, or do you have another location?

Hi Paul

Our main store at the moment is online webstore. We accept all orders here. Or via e-mail at or

Will be waiting for your e-mails or orders:)

I have alot of question.I ordered two dresses which is Charoit and Hyacinth.When are we going to get our leotards,how much does both of the leotards cost,Do you ship to Malaysia,I live in Ampang Tiara Duta apartment,B-3-5*block b level 3,Apartment number 5.I hope you know where Ampang is,I hope the leotards fit both of us,I hope it's the right size that we measure.Im really worried about that leotards coming late because my next challenge is on August.The reason why Im worried because this month is July and August is coming.Can you make it before August?
Hey there, we haven't yet checked your order, because our team was on Rhythmic Gymnastics competition on Universiade in Kazan.
However, for two leoatrds we'll arrange free express shipping, and it will fits the timeline. I'll check out your order asap and will let you know whether the measurements are fine.
Tony Silva 
International manager
+7 (3412) 912-613
Hello, does leotard "melanie" have pearls when you don't include crystals? Greet Lucie

Hi Lucie,

Yes "Melani" leotard does have pearls when you do not indicate any crystals;) will be waiting for your order:)

Also you may drop a meesage at or

Hello ,we are looking at the Amanda leotard how many Swarovski crystals does the base leotard come with

Hi Ellen

Basic price of all of our leotards does not include any crystals. Also it may change when you indicate the measurements.

On photo of Amanda you may see over 3000 crystals, that's our suggestion for a RG girl of age 14 and older and it's a great competative leotard:)

With further questions you may send a message straight to or

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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