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Hi, do you mail out to Australia? If you do we would love to see the accessories, shoes and crystals. The link doesn't seem to be working. Thank you Joeanne.

Hi Joeanne


We do ship to Australia. Accesorries, shoes and crystals links are working now, so go and check:)

Hello. How many stone do you recommend on a leotard. I am a gymnast in Denmark, and I am looking at the leotard "Mary" or "Jennifer". How many sone is the best on these? Best Regards Christina.

The quantity of stones depends on taste, and on measurements, so if you're 16 year old, our suggestion would be at least 1000 stones.

Dear Ekaterina, good day! We are in Chile and would like to buy you some leotards; in fact they do have a tournee on the 8th and 9th of june, do you think you can still send some which is on store? They are 11 and 13 years old. Let me know what you have on store so that they can choose some. Kind regards, Ale

Hello, Alejandra

We have 4-5 leotards which are in store (they're sewed, but not painted, it'll take day or two) I need to know their measurements to suggest more appropriate one.

Measurements that we need:

Bust, neck, waist, hips, sleeve length, leotard length.

you can check them out on our website.

For your 11 year old daughter we can suggest /catalog/view/WinterMorningGymnasticsLeotard


we have two more in fact. but I do not have photo of them at the moment, will make it for you within an hour.

So I need measurements to suggest you something

Hi Ekaterina: We are interested in ordering 3 stone flower leotards for an acro gymanstic trio. I am wondering what the shipping cost will be for 3 leotards to the US (Louisiana). Can we pay with 3 different credit cards and have them shipped together? Also, can you still deliver it 2-3 weeks from ordering if we get 1000 stones. Third question, how long is skirt usually from waist. Our biggest concern is that it will not go back down when they do upside down skills. do the skirts go back down with weight of crystals? Thank you!

Hi Jolynn, about the skirts, we did several leotards for British acro team of Richmond Gymnastics Association you can see how the skirt behave in the videos below

We can make it skirtless, or connect the skirt on front and back with undies, so only sides would go up,or we can make the skirt shorter, it all depends on your taste, and your opinion.

I think that the better way to pay would be a PayPal account, but, of course, you can pay by credit cards and we ship it all together.

I cannot say for sure about the date of delivery, because you might want lots of changes for the original design, so we would be working this way :

we'll make the base of the leotard by your measurements and  I'll make a photo of it for you to say whether it's "OK" or " Awesome" and only then we'll proceed to painting and crystal work.

Usually making of 3 leotards takes up to 2 weeks, and express shipping would take from 3 to 6-7 days (depending on shipping company).

Do you make coordinating men's leotards and pants for an acro mixed pair?

HI Anne

Yes we can do a leotards and pants for an acro mixed pairs, we even have an examples:)

Hello, how much would it cost for a skirted leotard without any crystals? Thank you!

Hi Naomi

It really depends on type of the leotard. We have Simple ones, 50/50 ones and complex. You may also pick up some designs of ours and we may adjust them to the lower cost

How long does it take to make up the complex leotard?

Hi Loretta

It depends on the season, most of the times. But ysually we make leotards within 2 weeks. Sometimes faster:)

I am trying to call the store at 40 Exchange Place, New York City, but the telephone number 212-932-2061 is not in service. Is this store still open, or do you have another location?

Hi Paul

Our main store at the moment is online webstore. We accept all orders here. Or via e-mail at or

Will be waiting for your e-mails or orders:)

hi, may i know if you ship to singapore? if so, what the shipping charges will be? i would like to buy half shoe, may i know how to measure the size and what's the currency of the pirce? thanks, Geralyn

Hi Geralyn


Yes we do ship to Singapore, for you the cheapest way would be to join our singaporean diller Sarah Chew from lil-gym in her future orders. It would be really fast and cheap.

Currency is USD. Half shoes are measured as S, SM, M , ML, L, XL but not all of the companies have ML or SM sizes

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
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