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Hello, My daughter is very interested in the rhythmic gymnastics leotard "Amira". Can you get this leotard in any other colour? Gunilla, Sweden

Hi Gunilla,

We can do the "Amira" leotard in any colour combination you want it to be:)

Hello, I wonder if with images and ideas you could do sketches in my budget?

Hi Marion

Yes we can try to make some sketches to meet your budget;) please drop your ideas on or

I have two questions? Can you make the custom leotard that is on the website on the section upload photos. It is white and has a pink flower and can how much do you think it will be? and how long will it take to make the leo?

Hi Cheyenne

In fact we don't have original photo of this girl, so it would be really hard to make a full size leotard from such a small picture. Our bad:(

We can make another rhythmic gymnastics leotard from your design, if you wish!

Regular production time of the rhythmic gymnastics leotards is two weeks, this time does not include delivery time

please tell me if i order Melani leotard on monday 16 september how long will it take until i recive it in Romania at my home. Do you think i will recive it until 1 oktober

Hi Alexandra,

Regular production time of a leotard is  2 weeks. So if you order it today, monday 16th, we probably can send it to you via DHL on 27th of September, so that you will definately recieve it.

So we need to hurry up. Drop a message at or


Hello, does leotard "melanie" have pearls when you don't include crystals? Greet Lucie

Hi Lucie,

Yes "Melani" leotard does have pearls when you do not indicate any crystals;) will be waiting for your order:)

Also you may drop a meesage at or

Delivery with EMS to Sweden?

Hi Fredrik

Yes we deliver with EMS to Sweden, but recently we signed in an agreement with DHL company, and they suggest a really great delivery rates. So that a week ago we decided to transfer all the packages which were referred to EMS to DHL, they're  faster, safer and give a great guarantees for both sides - yours and ours:)

To make a conclusion: yes we deliver to Sweden, but via DHL and that would be free delivery both for complex rhythmic gymnastics leotards and for simple rhythmic gymnastics leotards.

But, if your package gets over 0.5 kg, it may take some extra money.

Hello ,we are looking at the Amanda leotard how many Swarovski crystals does the base leotard come with

Hi Ellen

Basic price of all of our leotards does not include any crystals. Also it may change when you indicate the measurements.

On photo of Amanda you may see over 3000 crystals, that's our suggestion for a RG girl of age 14 and older and it's a great competative leotard:)

With further questions you may send a message straight to or

if a group would order a leotard from you, how should we do.. I have only be able to find a orderform for one leotard at a time ???

Hi Camilla

If your group want to to order custom made rhythmic gymnastics leotards, you can send your messages straight to me - Tony.

You can reach me via e-mail:

or skype: gymnastics.fantastic

Dear Tony, One month ago, I was very excited when first seeing the message of new collection for 10 more days in your web site. Then I postponed the purchase of leotard-“Victoria” and wait for the arrival of the new collection. However, up to this moment, the new collection is still not yet come up. I was very disappointed that it was delayed again and again. I wish to have a wonderful leotard as my daughter’s birthday present on 12th Oct. in Hong Kong. Could you please let me know the deadline of placing the order? At the meantime, I still wish to have the new collection in the first priority. Your updated information is highly appreciated. Thank you! May the Lord bless you all. Yours sincerely, Judah Yan, Hong Kong

Dear Judah Yan

Our new collection of rhythmic gymnastics leotard is delayed for several weeks due to technical issues. At the moment we're re-thinking some of the designs, improve them more and more:)

We wish You and your daughter to have an amazing and gorgeous leotard, so we will provide you additional information via e-mail.

Also, we're changing the fabrics suppliers, at the moment our CEO is in Italy, signing the agreement with our nev supplier, Carvico company:)

P.S. Don't worry, we will figure out something, wait for our message in your e-mail box:)

Hi, i was wondering if we could change the colours of the leotard 'Anastasia' when we order it? Thanks, Kateryna

Hi Kateryna

Yes you may change the colours of rhythmic gymnastics leotard "Anastasia" if you want to, and it won't cost you a penny. But if you want any additional painting or sewing you should definately contact our manager Tony at or

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